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Candidate for RTM

District 2

Tara Cook-Littman

Laura Karson_edited.jpg

● Environmental and Food Policy Advocate
● Lead campaigns in Hartford and DC to improve environmental and food policy
● Leader of CT Pesticide Reform Coalition
● Former NYC Assistant District Attorney
● Former Board of Finance member, 2014-2015
● Mother of three children ages 20, 18 and 16


● Sustainability - Look for ways to ensure Fairfield is sustainable both on the environmental and fiscal front.
● Safety - Fairfield residents should feel safe on our streets and in our homes. In particular, Greenfield Hill streets are filled with pedestrians and cyclists, but are not safe for either. There are cost-effective, necessary ways to address this timely and critical safety issue.
● Schools - All students within Fairfield should have access to the same quality education and positive, nurturing atmosphere in schools. Parents should be able to count on where their children will be attending school. We must continue to keep Fairfield at the cutting edge of educational research and invest in our children, teachers and schools.

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