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Candidate for RTM

District 8

Chris Carroll

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● 40 years of business experience in marketing and advertising
● 10 years as head of global marketing for Subway Restaurants in Milford, CT
● Volunteer for various local and national Democratic candidates across the country
● Married with four children, two of whom currently attend Fairfield Public Schools


I believe it is important that the residents of District 8 not only have a voice in the governing of the Town of Fairfield but are actively informed about the decisions being taken by local government and the vital issues we are faced with. As a lifelong Democrat, I am disturbed by the challenges our politics face not only nationally but locally and feel we all have an obligation to get involved and be part of the solution. I see a need for not only transparency from our local government officials but a need for a sense of urgency. As a member of management teams in the private sector, I am amazed at times how long it takes for municipal officials to address critical issues.

I believe we need to support our schools and all of our municipal departments and employees with the resources they need to provide the outstanding services our community requires. But we also need to hold the leadership of these departments accountable for budget spending and strategic planning.

As an active parent in my children's academic and extracurricular activities for over 35 years, I know how important it is to ensure we have a town and school system that affords them the opportunities to grow intellectually and physically. I want to be a part of ensuring this continues to be what Fairfield is all about.

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