Steven Sheinberg

Steven Sheinberg

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Steven Sheinberg, and I am the Chairman of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee (“DTC”). The DTC’s core mission is electing Democrats to our local, state and federal government.  As Democrats, we work to both preserve and improve the quality of life in our town. As such, we develop and support fiscally responsible candidates committed to promoting economic growth, funding our excellent town services and school system while maintaining Fairfield as a great place to live for all of its citizens.

As DTC Chairman I believe that if all Democrats participate in the political process and vote, and if we reach out to the thousands of unaffiliated voters, we will win elections.   We will have  a government that reflects our principles and values and which will work effectively for all Fairfield citizens.   To win,  we need volunteers to get out the vote.

As Democrats, we are proud that First Selectman Mike Tetreau leads Fairfield.  Over the past 5 years Mike has proven himself to be an effective and fiscally responsible leader delivering proven results.

We currently have 19 Democrats leading us on the Representative Town Meeting, which functions as Fairfield’s legislative branch.  We are also proud to have Democrats seated on the Board of Education and Board of Finance.

At the DTC’s monthly meetings, our town and state officials update us on the issues important to Fairfield.  If you would like to meet nice and interesting people that work to  make a difference in our town, please consider coming to a meeting.  The DTC schedule is regularly updated on our web site under EVENTS.   View our Facebook page,  Fairfield Democrats.

Please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Steven Sheinberg

 Chairman, Fairfield DTC

203 321-0520