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The Trump-Russia story returned to the forefront this week in dramatic fashion.
By John Cassidy 12/01/18

See Robert Mueller's filing here: United States of America v. Michael Cohen, Defendant

Where Does the Trump-Russia Investigation Go from Here?
By John Cassidy

Nancy Pelosi’s Last Battle
As she prepares to lead the House of Representatives again, the most powerful Democrat in Washington will have to navigate between a rampaging president and her colleagues’ plans for fighting back.

The best thing you can do to stop climate change is to vote against Republicans
By Matthew Yglesias Vox 11-27-18

The 2018 midterms showed us America's Great Education Realignment.
NBC News First Read 11-15-18

John Cassidy from The New Yorker assesses the Election in the 11-17-18
Coming on top of Democrats’ big gains in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, the results in Southern California reinforce the conclusion that… Donald Trump has turned the suburbs, or large swaths of them, against the G.O.P.

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