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Here’s some background on me:

My parents lived on Nutmeg Lane, where I was raised with my two younger brothers, and our “fourth brother,” Roberto, a Cuban refugee who joined the family while playing on my dad’s football team. I received a strong educational foundation at Holland Hill, Tomlinson, and Roger Ludlowe schools which prepared me for a Princeton University degree in Civil Engineering. After several years of living and working in Virginia, California, and Switzerland, I missed Fairfield and moved back home.

My dad was a legendary Fairfield teacher and football coach and the greatest single influence on my life. His generous values and his constant emphasis on service were the pillars of my upbringing and they set a standard for usefulness and caring that I have tried to emulate ever since. 

I became involved in town government in 1995 – serving first on the Town Plan & Zoning Commission, then on the RTM, and then on the Board of Finance. In 2011, I become First Selectman – the greatest honor Fairfield has to offer – and I embraced that job with a passion because I believe we are only as strong as our individual and collective commitments to the town’s welfare. I am proud of the contributions I have been able to make to the thoughtful growth and preservation of Fairfield over these past 25 years.  

Since I became First Selectman eight years ago, we have faced many challenges not least of which were Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, along with a lagging economic recovery, the rapidly changing climate, and increased school safety concerns – to name just a few. I take nothing more seriously than my responsibilities for navigating these challenges in the ways that best protect our town and allows us to grow and prosper as a vital, vibrant community.  

I take pride in the effective leadership I have shown in growing our grand list, investing in renewable energy, protecting our green spaces, and reinforcing our school safety. And, despite incredible economic challenges, we have been able to put the town on a firm financial footing so that the people of Fairfield continue to receive the high-quality services they expect while maintaining a stable tax rate. 

Our town has been named the best place to live in Connecticut and it has been recognized as the most business-friendly town in the state. But there is, of course, always more to do.

Going forward, my top priorities are to:

  • Continue to manage our town expenses so that we continue to deliver the highest level of service per dollar spent in Fairfield County.

  • Continue to invest in the high quality of education that Fairfield is so well-known for.

  • Continue to attract new business to Fairfield in order to grow our Grand List (which is the best way to reduce your property taxes).

Keeping Fairfield a growing and thriving enterprise is a community – not a partisan – project. I encourage you to join our coalition of active and engaged citizens. Feel free to reach out to me directly with your questions and concerns at any time. And, of course, I hope you will help me realize my vision for Fairfield by supporting me at the voting booth on November 5th.

My best regards,