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Candidate for RTM

District 6

Nancy Donne

Laura Karson_edited.jpg

● Fairfield resident since 1991
● 30+ year corporate career in roles including client services, global operations, and currently project management
● McKinley PTA member, 2005-2010
● Volunteer English Tutor, Mercy Center
● Widowed with two grown daughters, both attended Fairfield Public Schools


● Create more equity in the distribution of affordable housing units around the town. The racial imbalance issue will never resolve itself if the only affordable housing approved in town is in two school districts. Busing is never the answer, but will be the only choice if the same districts that do not want busing do not allow affordable housing in their neighborhoods.
● Review the budget and ensure fiscal responsibility by our paid representatives. The amount of corruption in recent years is concerning.
● That our civil servants serve all of the community

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