A statement below from our First Selectman on the safety of Fairfield’s parks & play fields.

Fairfield Friends

There is certainly a lot being said on social media about the fill used from the Julian pile. Here are a few facts....

All the fields that have been tested are safe. 

This statement needs to be repeated:

All the fields that have been tested are safe.

This is the declaration from the State Department of Health, CT DEEP, our Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) Tighe & Bond.

We have gone to these professionals to make certain our fields and our children are safe. They are the experts.

Our fields are safe for recreational purposes.

We do have some marginal exceedances over residential standards for certain substances. We do not have to remediate to make the fields safe. They are safe today and they were safe yesterday.

We ARE going to remediate to residential standards since that is the only standard being used.

We have taken this very seriously right from the start. The Town is testing any place we find that might have used fill from the Julian pile. The BOE is testing every field that didn’t have fill from the Julian pile. 

No one in any position of authority, State Department of Health, CT DEEP, or our LEP has ever used the terms “toxic" or “hazardous."

The Facebook posts using these terms are inaccurate, harmful, and have no support from the health and environmental professionals. They have no basis in fact or science or environmental standards.

And worse, the people posting these words are not making our town or our children safer. They are hurting our town, our reputation. 

These Facebook posts using these inaccurate terms will end up hurting our property values. 

Using rumors and political agendas is not helping our town.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Mike Tetreau