Meet the DTC Executive Board


Fairfield DTC'S Executive Board. From left to right: DIANA SISLER, Treasurer; CARLISLE SPIVEY, Corresponding Secretary; STEVE SHEINBERG, Chairman; CATHY CURLEY, Vice Chair; LAURA KARSON, Recording Secretary.

Executive Board, Fairfield DTC, 2018-20

Meet the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) Executive Board for the 2018-20 term. We are pleased and honored to have unanimously re-elected Steven Sheinberg to serve a second term as Chairman.

Sheinberg has spearheaded the Fairfield Democrats’ election operations over the past several years, significantly increasing voter turnout and making a tremendous impact in a short period of time. During the 2017 municipal elections, with Sheinberg at the helm, the Fairfield Democrats nominated and elected a record number of female Democratic candidates, and also achieved a landmark victory in RTM District 1, which had been held by Republicans for decades. Democrats also took a strong 26 to 14 seat majority on the RTM, which had been held by the GOP for ten years. 

“I’m honored to serve again as DTC Chair,” Sheinberg said in 2018, “We’ve made tremendous strides in the last two years, and I look forward to building on those successes and to moving Fairfield forward with the help of our talented executive board and our many members and supporters.“

Sheinberg has been a community activist in Fairfield since moving here from Weston in 2012. He was awarded the Fairfield Democrats’ Young Turk award in 2015 for his many contributions to the Democratic Party. Previously, he was a Democratic Party organizer and President of the North Shore Democratic Association. An employee benefits consultant, Sheinberg holds a BA in Political Science from Queens College/CUNY.

Cathy Curley continues to serve as Vice Chair. She replaced Sheila Marmion who is focusing on her role as a member of Fairfield’s Board of Finance, to which she was appointed in 2016. Curley has been a member of the DTC communications team since April 2017, primarily coordinating social media efforts. In her role as Vice Chair, she will continue to focus on DTC communications, social media outreach, and messaging. 

“Cathy was invaluable in building and expanding the DTC’s platform for social outreach,” said Sheinberg, "and she played a key part in our victories for the last two elections as well. In her new role as Vice Chair she will continue that great work."

A communications and social media marketing freelancer, Curley has a Master of Social Work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College.

Newly-elected Treasurer, Diana Sisler, comes to the DTC with experience as treasurer at both the state and federal level. She previously served as treasurer for Jim Himes' 2008 Congressional campaign, and as Dita Bhargava's campaign treasurer, for both her Exploratory and CT Treasurer Candidate committees in 2017

Laura Karson, local activist and core contributor on Fairfield’s Democratic campaigns, continues her work as Recording Secretary. And rounding out the Executive Board is active DTC member, Carlisle Spivey. As Corresponding Secretary, Carlisle keeps our many DTC members & supporters abreast of DTC happenings via email.

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