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Candidate for

Town Plan and Zoning

Thomas Corsillo


4 year term

● Current TPZ Alternate; Successfully completed Connecticut TPZ Training
● Senior Vice President, Land Use & Public Policy at Marino PR
● 18 years of professional experience in land use and zoning
● Producer of The Housing Problem podcast
● Recognized by City & State Magazine as a Top Political Consultant (2022) and Rising Star (2018)
● Member of the Westchester County Association's Land Use Policy Playbook Steering Committee (2018)
● Resident of North Stratfield
● Married father of two boys in Fairfield Public Schools


● Making key commercial corridors more inviting, walkable and pedestrian-friendly, with a focus on Post Road east of Beach Road and on Black Rock Turnpike
● Creating new affordable homes, with a focus on missing middle (e.g. duplexes, cottage courts)
● Preserving existing naturally affordable homes (e.g. smaller capes common in parts of Fairfield like North Stratfield)
● Implementing a form-based code, which would ensure any new development reflects and adds to the design aesthetic of the town
● Requiring new development to include and/or fund infrastructure that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists

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