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Brian A. Avallone

EMAIL: avallone.consulting@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM:  instagram.com/brianavallone4ct
FACEBOOK:  facebook.com/Avallone4ZBA

  • My profession keeps me in touch with Architects/Engineers/Contractors and Developers on a daily basis, so I understand their language and processes.

  • As the Coordinator of the Fairfield Young Democratic Initiative, it is my goal to make sure that the youth of Fairfield knows that it has a voice and to see that they are heard in the Party and the Town.

  • I have a long family background in Zoning and its processes.

  • I have a decided interest in a diplomatic process that lines up well with both the rules and goals of the town of Fairfield.

Making sure the the town and My hopeful committee are operating on an efficient and balanced basis where all issues receive a fair hearing.
It is my hope to influence the adoption and implementation of a technology platform that will allow the board to communicate more efficiently and clearly with potential builders and town staff.


Jane Gitlin Nishball

EMAIL: jane@tiptoparchitecture.com
FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/JaneGitlinNishballZBA/?modal=admin_todo_tour


  • Architect, Jane Gitlin AIA, www.tiptoparchitecture.com

  • 30 years of professional practice

  • published author of two books on architectural design (Taunton Press)

  • Certified in Universal / Accessible Design


  • MArch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BFA Massachusetts College of Art


  • Incumbent ZBA Alternate

  • Fairfield native married to a Fairfield native

  • two grown children

  • former River Lab volunteer

  • member CT Audubon Society

Having grown up in Fairfield, I have observed the long term impact of growth and development, both positive and negative, on the landscape and streetscape in Fairfield. As an incumbent Alternate member of the ZBA, I judge each variance application according to the unique hardship presented by the applicant and the Zoning Regulations. I evaluate its implications to the site, the neighborhood, and our community. Zoning IS Design, and as the first Architect to serve on the ZBA, I bring that sensibility and experience to the process.

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Ruth Smey

EMAIL: smey@sbcglobal.net

  • 9 terms on RTM in D 5

  • 19 terms as Constable  

  • local Realtor for over 30 yrs in Fairfield

  • Ella T Grosso Women's Leadership Award 2016

  • Eunice Postol Award 2015

  • member of Holy Family Church Finance Committee and served on the Assumption / Holy Family School Advisory Committee

  • member of the Fairfield Board of Realtors for 30 years

I love our town and love serving our community . I will support development that conforms with the character of our town.