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Lenny Braman

4-year term

EMAIL: lbraman@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Braman2019

  • Zoning attorney practicing throughout Fairfield County

  • Raising three children in Fairfield, ages 5, 3, and 1

  • Graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School

  • Supports smart development that grows our town while preserving existing communities

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Chris McAleese

  • RLMS Teacher

  • former 2 term RTM Rep.

  • current TPZ Commission Secretary

  • 20+ years in Fairfield

  • past PTA and PTA council member

Focused on reasonable and responsible development in Town. Supporting growth that adds to our tax base without negative impacts on the personality and charm that is Fairfield.

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Donan Meyer


  • Fairfield Town Plan & Zoning commissioner 2017-2019, Running for re-election Nov. 2019

  • Graduate of The University of Connecticut

  • Resident of Fairfield since 2002

  • Married to Kathleen Dwyer Meyer, 36 year resident of Fairfield with 3 children reaping the benefit of Fairfield's Public School System

  • Participated in 2018/19 Goody Clancy Transit Oriented District Study 

  • Active Volunteer and Catechist at Our Lady of the Assumption Church since 2011

I am keenly focused on shepherding responsible commercial and residential development that makes a meaningful contribution to Fairfield's Grand List without sacrificing the unique character and town charm for all of Fairfield's residents to enjoy.