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Dru Georgiadis

EMAIL: dru.georgiadis@gmail.com     

  • Elected, RTM District 9 Representative (since 2015)

  • Chair, Public Works and Planning Committee

  • RTM Liaison to Sherman School Building Committee

  • 29-year beach area resident and advocate

  • Married with four children, all graduates of Fairfield Public Schools

Striving to manage a balance between a long term view of town expenditures, needs and assets, which is essential to preserving both the economic and age diversity that makes our Fairfield community vibrant and special. Responsible governing should always be put above partisan politics.

HORTON MARGARET RTM9, at 300 pxls wide.png

Margaret Horton

EMAIL: margarethortonrtm@gmail.com

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years experience in a variety of areas, including clinical practice, policy and program management

  • Elected Member of the RTM since 2017

  • Secretary, RTM Education and Recreation Committee

  • Married with two kids, both current students at Sherman Elementary (K&2)

  • Co-chair, Sherman Walkathon

  • B.A., Colgate University, Cum Laude

  • M.S.W., Columbia University, President of School of Social Work Student Union

  • Member, Gaelic American Club

My highest priority is to help keep Fairfield the special place that it is, which means making sure it remains a vibrant and affordable community for both families and seniors alike. Some of the key issues that I’ll continue to focus on as a member of the RTM will be education, economic development, and protection of our town’s assets, including our wetlands and beaches.

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Steve Baker

  • Past PTA President at Roger Sherman Elementary, Roger Ludlowe Middle School, and Fairfield Ludlowe High School

  • Current Board Member, Mill River Wetland Committee

  • Past President, Our Saviours Luther Church Council

  • Past President, Greater Norwalk Home Builders Association

  • Alumni of Fairfield Public Schools

  • Makes a wicked Caesar salad

Fairfield is the home of my wife and my family. We have spent our lives here with our Parents, Siblings, Nieces, friends and colleagues. We have all tried hard to be of service to a community that has given us so much. I hope to continue to do my part with the desire that other families have the same opportunities to live in a town that values their parents, and their children.

Gausepohl Andrew at 300 pxls wide RTM9, Gausepohl.png

Andrew Gausepohl

  • Local business owner: 475 Consulting Group

  • Digital media & communications consultant since 2010, working with Democratic campaigns and DTCs since 2015

  • Communications Director, Michelle LaPine McCabe for State Senate 2018

  • FIT (SUNY) - Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

  • Fairfield Democratic Town Committee, Communications Team

  • Grew up in Fairfield