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Jessica Gerber

EMAIL: jgerbs4boe@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Jessica-Gerber

Graduate of Wesleyan University, BA in English
23-year resident of Fairfield

  • Osborn Hill School (OHS) PTA Board/BoE Rep, 2007-11

  • Strategic Planning Committee member 2008

  • OHS Rep to Special Projects Standing Building Committee, 2008-11, and to BoE Task Force on Redistricting, 2009

  • Fundraiser/St. Baldrick’s, 2010-present ($1 million + raised)

  • Strategic Planning Committee, Fairfield Public Library, 2014

Fairfield BOE Experience:

  • Board member 2011-present

  • Board Secretary 2011-present

  • BoE Liaison to Parks & Rec Commission (2011-present)

  • Chair, BoE Ad hoc Communications Committee (2012-13)

  • BoE Liaison to SEPTA (2012-13)

  • BoE Liaison to OHS Building Committee (2013-2018)

  • BoE Liaison to FLHS Building Committee (2013-2018)

  • BoE Liaison to MH Building Committee (2018-present)


  • To work with the new FPS Superintendent

  • To continue to approve and advocate for a sound, fiscally responsible school budget

  • To work on the development of a new District Improvement Plan

  • To continue to advocate for improved and expanded communication

  • To advocate for equitable facilities for all students in Fairfield

I first became involved with BoE issues when my oldest child entered the Fairfield Public School system in 2003. From 2003-2011, I served on my children’s school’s PTA and attended a multitude of town meetings related to education. In 2011, I was elected to my first term on the Fairfield BoE, where I quickly realized that, although my past experience helped prepare me for serving as a Board member, there was much more to learn. After four years of service on the BoE, I had gained a greater understanding of the complexities and challenges of our educational system and used this knowledge and experience when I ran for my second BoE term. As my youngest child enters her final year in the Fairfield Public School district, I remain committed to actively advocating for our children and our schools. My 16 years of experience as a FPS parent and my 8 years of experience as a FPS BoE member will be an invaluable asset as I continue to work with and for the parents, students and staff of our school district, and for the taxpayers of our town.

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 Jennifer Maxon Kennelly

EMAIL: jmk4boe@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Jennifer-Maxon-Kennelly

  • B.A. in English from College of the Holy Cross, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Fairfield University

  • I have worked over 26 years in education – currently teaching at Greenwich High School

  • I have three children in the Fairfield public school system.

  • Current member of the Board of Education

  • Have served four years as chair of the BoE Policy Committee, and as BoE liaison to SEPTA, FWHS Roof Committee and PTAC

  • I have directed a townwide Odyssey of the Mind outreach and recruitment effort.

  • Awarded PTAC's 2016 Alis B. McGrath Friend of Education Award

  • Member of Stratfield, Tomlinson, and Warde PTAs

  • Member of the Gaelic American Club

  • Member of Our Lady of Assumption parish

Key Issues:

  • I am committed to the philosophy that education is best delivered and improved in a collaborative atmosphere involving communication among all stakeholders.

  • I am committed to fiscal responsibility, in ensuring educationally-sound resource expenditure

  • I am committed to a balanced focus on the achievement of all of Fairfield’s students

I have made a professional life commitment to education, which provides an invaluable perspective to reference in serving on the Board of Education. Professionally, I am expected to meet the needs of ALL of my students; that expectation forms my approach to serving on the BoE.

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Christine Vitale

EMAIL:  cvitale@optonline.net
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/votevitale4BoE

  • Current Chair of Board of Education; elected in 2017

  • BoE Liaison to Sherman Building Committee and PTA Council; member of BoE Finance Committee 

  • Past President of Fairfield Ludlowe High School and Roger Ludlowe Middle School PTAs. BoE and Budget Representative, Timothy Dwight PTA

  • Past Secretary and Treasurer of SEPTA

  • Married with three children. Twenty-two year Fairfield resident

  • Professional background in association management, event planning and management consulting. Currently employed part time as a bookkeeper. 

  • Graduate of Binghamton University, BA in English and Political Science

  • Recipient of the 2018 Deanna O. Kiernan Award, the 2017 Connecticut Association of Schools Volunteer Recognition Award, and the 2005 Junior League of Eastern Fairfield County's Outstanding Service Award

Over the past two years, the Fairfield Public Schools has solidified its Vision of a Graduate.  As a Board member, I am committed to engaging stakeholders in order to make that vision become a reality for all students. Our graduates should be critical thinkers, innovators, responsible citizens, communicators, collaborators, and goal directed, resilient learners.  
The BoE recently elected a new Superintendent who is ready to align this educational mission with the business of our district. I hope to have an opportunity to support him in these efforts. Through strategic planning, responsible budgeting and open communication, we can work together to balance the varied needs of the school district with the needs of the larger community. Providing our students with safe, well maintained, and healthy, school buildings in which to learn should be a shared priority. 
If re-elected, I will remain committed to preserving the bipartisan collaboration and advocacy that will be needed as we decide upon a long-term location for our preschool and alternative high school, update the racial imbalance plan, prioritize future facilities and maintenance projects, and develop a new strategic plan.