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•   Corporate research executive in the Entertainment & Media industry
•   MBA and Masters’ degree in Marketing
•   BS in Business Administration
•   Yale University School of Management, Executive Program
•   Co-Organizer, Women’s March on Washington, CT March in Stamford, Jan 2017
•   Volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of SW CT
•   Member of The Connecticut Audubon Society
•   Environment and Animal Rights Volunteer and Activist
•   Married to Loren, Professor of Medicine, Yale University
Key Issues:
Fiscal responsibility, commercial and economic growth, zoning and planning, responsible budget priorities to drive town opportunity and revenue growth.
Personal Statement:
    As a relative newcomer to Fairfield, I hope to bring an ‘outsiders’ perspective to the RTM.  I am committed to maintaining the high-quality of life enjoyed here in Fairfield yet understand that difficult choices sometimes need to be made to control the burgeoning tax burden for residents.   Experienced change agent schooled in building collaboration, driving consensus, and working for common good.

Tara Cook-Littman.jpeg

•   Mother of 3 children ages 10, 12 & 14
•   Former NYC Assistant District Attornery
•   Passionate food policy advocate who let the effort in CT to pass the first in the nation GMO labeling law
•   President of Congregation Beth El synagogue in Fairfield
•   Served on the Fairfield Board of Finance for one year
•   Served on the Board of Operation Hope in Fairfield
•   Served on the Board for the Women’s Auxiliary for Jewish Senior Services
Key Issues:
•   Town-wide economic development in order to grow our grand list.
•   Environmental education & regulation to protect our land, water, and air in Fairfield.
•   Maintain the quality of our public school system so that our children continue to receive a premier education.
•   In my district I will speak with constituents to create ways to increase the desirability of Greenfield Hill in order to raise real estate prices and make our district a wonderful place to live.
Personal Statement:
    I am a mom of 3, an attorney, and a passionate food advocate. I’m committed to putting people above politics and ensuring that your voice is heard & represented at the RTM level. I grew up in this community and am dedicated to keeping our town desirable and affordable.

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•   Mary has been PTA President at an elementary, middle, and high school, as well as PTA Council President, and has served many other volunteer roles in those PTAs.  As PTA President she had regular meetings with principals, head masters, and the superintendent. She moved to Fairfield over twenty years ago because of our high quality school system and understand the value a good school system brings to the town for all residents.
•   Mary is a Project Management Institute Certified Project Management Professional.  She received this accreditation, which, like an MBA requires a written exam taken after many hours of professional experience. She has used this knowledge in her many volunteer positions in the town.
•   Mary is Chair of the Fairfield Forestry Committee and Fairfield Earth Day Committee. She also serves on the Clean Energy Task Force and on the Board of the Mill River Wetland Committee.  She is President of Fairfielders Protecting Land and Neighborhoods (FairPLAN), which was instrumental in the Exide property cleanup. She is on the board of the Fairfield League of Women Voters helping with candidate debates and the annual Voters Guide, and was on the FairTV Committee, which is now a town commission.  On a statewide level, Mary is on the board of the CT League of Conservation Voters and was on the Governor’s State Vegetative Management Task Force
•  Mary moved to Fairfield over 20 years ago when her first child was. 
Key Issues:
    I’m committed to long-term planning and stewardship of our town’s resources, fiscal health, and vision for the future.  This means protecting our nature resources, ensuring our school system remains top in the nation, our neighborhoods remain vibrant, diverse, and each special in their own way.  I want to ensure that we honor and respect each and every one of our Fairfield neighbors and help them to thrive as we work to keep Fairfield thriving.
Personal Statement:
    I moved to Fairfield with a brand new baby girl and within a month my grandmother-in-law and an au pair was living with us.  It was a big change from an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn with just me, my husband, and our dog.  We have all grown in Fairfield, adding another baby girl, and have grown to love Fairfield deeply.  Kids are grown and in college, grandparents and parents have aged and left us, new dogs along with many, many other pets have joined us.  Fairfield has nourished and delighted us throughout it all and I want to give back at least some of what it has given us.


•   Married mom of 3 in the Fairfield public schools
•   Senior Vice President, Tribeca Film Festival/Film Enterprises
•   Board Member at CT Against Gun Violence & the Brady Center
•   Co-Founder, March for Change
•   Fairfield resident for 14 years
•   Has a child in special ed in Fairfield
Key Issues:
•   Taxes & town spending
•   Social services
•   Education
•   Prevention of gun violence
      I don’t believe that being socially liberal translates to an increase in taxes. I believe we need to be smart and effective with how we spend.
      I believe in investing in our children and that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.