A word about the 2018 Midterm Election in Connecticut from Joe Aresimowicz, Speaker of the House and Matt Ritter, House Majority Leader.

Election Night was one for the record books. Given the challenges of the last two years, we would have been proud to wake up the day after Election Day and still hold our 80 seats.
But what happened defied all of our expectations.
We added twelve new seats and twenty-four new members to the House Democratic Caucus for a total of 92 seats. A full 50% of our incoming freshman class of legislators is made up of women.
From Chester to Cornwall, Easton to Enfield, Glastonbury to Greenwich, New Canaan to Norfolk and Weston to Willington, our newly elected members represent communities that stretch across the state—including some that have not been represented by a Democrat in the State House in many years.
We believe this was more than a blue wave. Many of our candidates won in towns that voted for Republicans at the top of the ticket. These amazing victories are a testament to the strength of our candidates, their teams and an unprecedented ground game.
With your support, our candidates and their volunteers canvassed over 600,000 voters in every town in Connecticut.
Last week, we were entrusted by our colleagues to lead the House Democratic Caucus for the next two years. We’re looking forward to working with an incredible new class of legislators.
Thanks to your help, we will be able to grow an economy that works for all families, protect access to healthcare and reproductive freedoms and continue working to keep corporate money out of our elections.
We know the numbers on the tabulators don’t begin to tell the story of our inspiring candidates and the energy coming out of their campaigns in all corners of the state. Win or lose, we hope you will join us for the next chapter in creating a Connecticut that works for everyone.
We’re looking forward to 2019.

With Gratitude,

Joe Aresimowicz, Speaker
Matt Ritter, Majority Leader

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