Fairfield Board of Selectmen


725 Post Road
Following our resounding victory in the Special Election for the vacant seat on the Board of Selectmen a few weeks ago, I am excited by and especially proud of the passion and determination of our DTC. And, actually, of all those Fairfield Citizens who chose to participate in the election. I am looking forward to working with Kevin, a person with the experience, integrity, and intelligence to ably tackle the very real problems we face. I am confident we will do well!

Now about 21 months into my second term, I look back briefly at what we have done. I have to confess to a lot of excitement in building on those accomplishments in the next two-plus years.
Here are a few examples that I take special pride in:
•   We achieved the lowest 4-year tax increase in over 15 years.
•   We restored our top AAA credit rating
•   We supported our top-quality & award-winning school system.
•   We are saving $2.5 million per year through the use of sustainable fuels, and the rapidly increasing installation of solar panels on public buildings.
•   We have greatly expanded our services for seniors and have over 2,000 members of our senior center.
•   We have become a destination for Dining, Arts, Culture, and Shopping.
•   We are just about finished with the clean-up of Mill River and restoring the Exide Battery factory site to productive use.
•   We have one of the lowest commercial vacancy rates in Fairfield county.
•   For 2016, we had the lowest tax increase in 15 years, at 1.6%.

For the four years I have been in office, we've had the lowest 6-year average tax increase in the past twenty years. And there is a lot more to go. I am excited about our future. I really do love this job.
I want to thank the residents of Fairfield for giving me the privilege of serving as First Selectman.
Mike Tetreau,  June 26, 2017


725 Post Road
Kevin Kiley, 58, is a 24-year resident of the town. He was elected to serve on the Fairfield RTM from 1993 to 1997 and the Board of Finance from 1997 to 2012. In 2012 he was appointed to the Board of Selectmen to fill a vacancy. 

Those who know Kevin, know him to be a decent, caring, long term resident of Fairfield who worked for years dedicated to the well-being of all Fairfield citizens, regardless of race, gender, or income.

“My platform is consistent with my voting record,” Kiley said on Facebook. “I support public education and the Fairfield School System — it must be properly and efficiently funded.  

“I believe in Fairfield’s senior citizens; improving their lives through improved tax breaks, town services and support of the Bigelow Senior Center.

“I support our firefighters and police who keep us safe every day.

“I believe in making Fairfield affordable for every citizen through intelligent budgeting and balancing our resources wisely.

“Finally, I believe in government that is respectful and fair to all Fairfield citizens. Lately, these attributes have been missing in our local government.”