Democratic Candidates for Board of Finance


•   Member, Board of Finance (Appointed June, 2016).
•   Selectman, Board of Selectmen (2015).
•   Member, Representative Town Meeting (2010-2015); member of the Senior and Disabled Tax Relief committee; co-sponsor of the FAIRTV ordinance; Deputy Minority Leader for the Democratic Caucus.
•   Board of Directors:  Current - Democratic Town Committee, Fairfield (Vice-Chair), National Charity League (Fairfield Chapter).  Former – Mill River Wetlands Committee, Fairfield League of Women Voters, Clara’s Secret Shepard Foundation (supports foster children), and Can Do Multiple Sclerosis.  
•   Licensed occupational therapist, working in outpatient rehabilitation and in home care. Prior to becoming an occupational therapist, worked in marketing communications in the healthcare field. 
•   Graduate of Trinity College, B.A. in political science; master’s degree in public health from Columbia University; master of science degree in occupational therapy from Sacred Heart University.  
•   Fairfield resident for 18 years; married (Don Breakell) with three children, all of whom attend Fairfield Public Schools.  
Key Issues: 
The constant state of flux the State budget crisis presents makes both short- and long-term planning difficult, making fiscally-sound decision-making an imperative. We need to continue to deliver value by finding a balance between delivering quality services and keeping taxes and costs low. As such, we need to continue to grow our grand list and revenue sources while investing in education, maximizing green initiatives, addressing infrastructure concerns and sharing resources.
I would like to continue to put my experience to work for the Town of Fairfield. I was appointed to the Board of Finance more than a year ago; prior to this I was a Selectman on the Board of Selectman, and I served for 5 years as a member of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM).  These town board experiences, combined with my professional background working with seniors as a community-based occupational therapist, have served me well as I strive to make informed and thoughtful decisions. 


JOHN MITOLA- Six Year Term 
I am running for re-election for the Fairfield Board of Finance. It has been a great pleasure serving in that post over the last several years and I am once again asking for your support this November. Fairfield is well run. As a town we are in good shape however because of the current state budget crisis our town will be facing tough choices over the coming months and I want to help guide our town through these difficult times. I believe I have the experience and temperament to do so.
•   I am a current Member Fairfield Board of Finance.
•   Representative Town Meeting District 2-(2011-13).
•   Former member, Fairfield Board of Education (2005-2011)serving as Chairman and Vice Chairman.
•   Fairfield native; graduate of Fairfield Public Schools.
•   Practicing attorney since 1987 with current practice specializing in municipal law; employment and labor law; and collective bargaining.
•   Former Volunteer and Board Member, Fairfield National Little League.
•   Member of Fairfield Woods PTA; Fairfield Music Parents' Association. Former Member of Warde Gridiron Club
•   Former member of Elementary School Building Committee for Burr and McKinley Elementary School Projects.
•   Former member of Pool Task Force Committee.
•   Married (Michele) with two children, one a graduate of and the other a student in the Fairfield Public Schools.
As a member of the Board of Finance I am committed to keeping Fairfield affordable while providing the essential services that keep our town special and continue to attract residents and business.
I will be posting more as the election season moves forward. 
You can help me now- I have some election signs that I need to post around town. If you are interested in placing one of my signs on your lawn please let me know by sending me a comment or pm with your address. Or you can email me at


•   RTM Member, District 6, 2013 to 2015; Secretary Public Works and Planning Committee.
•   District 4 2015 to July 2017; Finance Committee.
•   Appointed to a vacancy on the Board Of Finance July, 2017 to present; running for reelection to Board of Finance November 2017.
•   Fairfield Democratic Town Committee; member of Executive Committee as Corresponding Secretary 2014-2017.
•   Board of Directors Fairfield Counseling Services 2012-2016.
•   Board of Directors LifeBridge 2016-present.
•   Board of Directors Strathmoor Association 2009-2017.
•   38 years business experience in International Commodity trading.
•   Member UConn Alumni Association; 1978 Psychology degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
•   Founding member of Women and Philanthropy UConn Foundation.
It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve in the Fairfield town government since 2013. I am running for reelection to the Board of Finance because I want to continue working to keep Fairfield a fiscally sound and desirable place to live and raise a family. I am ready and energized to help meet this goal through careful fiscal planning and investment. We have a diverse economy with a thriving business community and excellent schools and services. I want to fight to protect these assets and help our town to prosper by supporting our schools, libraries and town amenities as well as Senior Tax Relief and economic development. Attracting businesses and expanding our grand list are essential to providing excellent value and maintaining affordability.




  • I am an attorney and my wife is a project manager in finance.  We have a son at UConn Stamford and three children in the Fairfield public schools.  


I believe that all Fairfield residents want to maintain the quality of life we enjoy in our town, but the Republican majority on the RTM has made mistakes  in maintaining our contingency account.  In the interest of scoring short term political points, they have been gambling with the contingency fund to the detriment of our town.  Given the difficulties our state government has in passing a viable state budget, we need to be extra vigilant in maintaining fiscal discipline, while staying focused on our main assets, good schools and quality services.